Wacky Vibes, la revolución de los sextoys de madera | Wacky Vibes, the sextoys’ revolution

La madera es un material resistente, duradero, fácil de limpiar y al que se le puede dar forma con facilidad. ¿Te imaginas que tus juguetes sexuales estuvieran hechos de este material? Pues no tienes que imaginarlo, porque son una realidad. Hay personas que se dedican a pulir y convertir en sextoys piezas de madera con resultados espectaculares, una de ellas es Silvia Picari, creadora de Wacky Vibes.

En Wacky Vibes todos los productos son hechos a mano. Tras pasar por la mente de su creadora, las piezas van tomando forma hasta convertirse en bellos dildos, joyería BDSM, látigos, plugs, huevos… en Wacky Vibes no hay límites para la creatividad. No hay dos piezas iguales, ya que ella misma las hace e incluso pueden personalizarse para que la obra sea todavía más única.

Silvia Picari, arquitecta, diseñadora de madera y artesana, ha tenido el detalle de hacerme un hueco en su agenda y contestarme a una serie de preguntas. Como habréis podido comprobar, ella habla italiano y yo aún tengo esa asignatura pendiente, así que hemos recurrido al inglés. Por ello, el encuentro entre Wacky Vibes y Ars Eroticas ha sido en inglés.

Todo lo que hace desprende una esencia especial. El diseño es muy bonito y las formas invitan a ser tocadas. Estos juguetes son de esos que me encanta tener como decoración, observarlos, tocarlos y cogerlos para llevarlos… digamos a otros lugares.

Me parece realmente increíble y fascinante en qué puede llegar a convertirse un trozo de madera. En las manos correctas llegan a ser auténticas obras de arte para el placer. Pero, no voy a desvelar más, porque todos los secretos que esconden estos originales sextoys nos los va a desvelar ella misma.

Wood is a durable material, easy to clean and can be shaped easily. Could you imagine that your sex toys were made of this material? Because you do not have to imagine it, because they are a reality. There are people who are dedicated to polish and convert into sextoys pieces of wood with spectacular results, one of them is Silvia Picari, creator of Wacky Vibes.

In Wacky Vibes all products are handmade. After going through the mind of its creator, the pieces take shape until becoming beautiful dildos, BDSM jewelry, whips, plugs, eggs … in Wacky Vibes there are no limits to creativity. Not even any of the pieces is the same, as she herself does them and could even be customized to make the work even more unique.

Silvia Picari, architect, designer of wood and crafts, has gentlely take a moment in its busy day to answer several questions for ArsEroticas. As you can see, she speaks Italian and I still have to work on it, so we have turned to English. Therefore, the meeting between Wacky Vibes and Ars Eroticas has been in English. 

The design is absolutely beautiful and the shapes invite to be touched. These toys are the ones that I love to have as decoration, to observe them, to touch them and to take them… let’s say to other places. I find it really incredible and fascinating in what can become a piece of wood. In the right hands they become authentic works of art for pleasure. But, I will not reveal more, because all the secrets that hide these original sextoys will be revealed by herself.

  •  What made you start this project?   How did the idea come about?

This project is born from a series of experiences and gradually took shape while elaborating thoughts and personal reflections.

In part it has come out of my university study course, I am an architect and have always been passionate about product design.

I am rather intolerant of working in front of a computer and I am fascinated with handicrafts. For this reason I turned off the computer and learned woodworking. In handicrafts I found a dimension where I could fully express myself. Through my hands my ideas take form, and this gives me great satisfaction.

I chose to make sex toys, first and foremost, because I like the thought of marketing a product that serves to people’s happiness. Also, I find the topic quite interesting because it provides many opportunities to reflect the nature of human relationships and ways of loving. For me, my toys are primarily a way to share personal reflections on these issues, a pretext to talk about love and empathy. They are an invitation to reflect these issues while playing, and together in play, find a way to build a happy society.

  • Why did you choose the name Wacky Vibes?

I was looking for a name that could be understood on an international level, for this I chose English. I wanted a name almost onomatopoeic, amusing to hear, a bit comical and playful, that expresses, phonetically, the light-heartedness in which we should live our sexuality. Moreover, “Wacky” really means  “crazy, bizzare, eccentric…” a bit like this project and my choice to change direction in life and invent a rather unusual job for myself. “Vibes” like the metaphoric vibrations that wood transmits as a living material. Vibes also in the sense of mood, positive energy that I hope my objects will transmit to those who use them.

  • Why are you inclined to use wood as the main material for your creations?

I chose wood because it is special. It is eco-friendly and recyclable and my products are made by hand, therefore in a sustainable way. Because wood is alive and warm as a material. Because it is aesthetically beautiful and the turning enhances the beauty of the grain. The veins and shades of color are always different, making each piece unique. Even if produced in series, two wooden toys will never be identical to one another.

It is special because it doesn’t vibrate with a noisy electric motor, but with the hand’s natural tension, that passes through the wood’s fibers.

  • What is the production process from the moment you think of the design to the finished object?

The design is the expression of the concept innate to Wacky Vibes: these Sex toys are fun toys because sex is not a shameful act, but a light-hearted game of love.

From an ergonomic point of view, research has been done on actual products available in the market and their relative characteristics: ergonomics, dimention, material.

It takes me about 3 hours to complete each dildo. I begin by working a piece of solid wood.  I use certified woods, originating from Europe where there is greater control over the sustainable management of forests and the entire production chain. A substantial part of the working process is dedicated to the turning, wherein the wood takes shape. Then, the moulded piece is carefully sanded with different grits of sand-paper so that it is completely smooth and then polished with the residual sawdust. The last stage is the painting. The finishing and painting materials I use are all-natural water-based and are the same that are generally used for children’s toys. They are hypoallergenic, certified and compliant with the European Directive on the Safety of Toys, and in particular they respect the EN 71 normative of 2013 on the toxicity of substances present in the materials used.

BDSM jewels
BDSM Jewerly
  •  What inspires you?

The first source of inspiration and the reason for which I decided to change my life and invent Wacky Vibes, is the idea that life is short and we should be passing the time we have doing the things that make us happy to be in peace with ourselves, therefore transmitting positivity to others.

I am convinced that a gesture of love is the consequence of another gesture of love, just like a hateful act is the consequence of another hateful act. Easier said than done, this is the key to live in peace with ourselves and with others.

I am inspired by playing and joking around because it makes me feel light and free to live creatively. This stimulates me to invent and model my life as I want it.

  •  What are people’s reactions to your design?

Usually, the initial reaction is surprise. The majority of people don’t expect a wooden dildo that looks like a sculpture or a toy (many don’t even expect toys made of wood). Some people don’t understand immediately that they are erotic toys. In general, the sculptural form and the colours have people perceive these toys as beautiful objects for the eye, aside from their use.

  •  Do these toys need any particular care?

Not any more than that needed for any other toy. Each piece comes finished with multiple layers of gloss finish that make it water-proof, easily washable and sanitized. They can be used with water-based or silicone lubricants. After use, it is sufficient enough to wash well with warm water, neutral soap and then dry. If looked after with care, a wooden dildo may last for years and when it has finally arrived at the end of its life cycle, it may be recycled.

  •  What is your objective in creating sex toys that differ from those usually sold?

To offer, democratically, another choice. A different product, unique and personal/personalized. An alternative, a world away from the tedious perfection of series productions. To tease the curiousity in discovering the sensation of a different material and encourage playing in a way that a wooden dildo calls far, slower, more participatory and aware, more natural.

  •  Do you think the world of erotic toys has changed in the last years?

I would say so, the motive being that along with sexual culture, the target audience has changed.

For these women, sex toys are useful instruments and important for an active sex life, conscious and rewarding. They are beautiful objects to see, expressing an idea of sexuality that is happy and lively.

Consequently the products are changing, becoming more beautiful and of higher quality. More welcoming shops are emerging, conceived not only as places to buy sex toys at random, but places dedicated to the discovery of pleasure at 360 °, where you are guided in choosing a toy that suits best, and to learn more about one’s own sexuality.

  • Do you think we need a new approach?

In my opinion I am convinced that we do, and not only for a matter of commerce. I believe that sex toys have a high educational potential and that this is the fundamental concept on which to build a new approach.

I believe that who produces and sells sex toys is not only a retailer, but above all a consultant, who has the task of guiding people in discovering their sexuality.

Presenting products using this logic, one can transmit a series of positive messages:

For example, in front of the various and numerous typologies of products, we discover that our tastes and sexual inclinations are infinite and we learn to accept and embrace diversity as an added value.

We become familiar with the anatomy of pleasure (the unknown), therefore gaining a conscious approach towards orgasm, far away from the stereotypes and the social conventions and truer to our personal way of experiencing pleasure.

We learn the importance of taking care of our sex life because it is good for our physical and spiritual health, helping us become more serene and happy, therefore more compatible with others.

I think that sex toys can become an opportunity to educate people and thus create a sexual culture made up of respect and mutual understanding, in which violence and discrimination have no reason to exist.

  • Can your products be personalized? Do you receive many requests for personalized toys?

I would say a good 30% of the products I sell are personalized. In general the colours I use and the dimensions I propose are appreciated as they are. Fortunately, tastes in regards to sexuality are infinitely varied and there is always someone who wants their dildo with their favourite colour or of a different size.

I am very happy to make personalized toys because it means making contact with the client, listening to their needs and maybe even recommending on a model or dimention. I usually try out some colours and send the photos, that way the client can see in real time how their toy is coming along, and in a sense, participate in its realization.

Eco-friendly sextoys
HandMade sextoys
  •  Where can we find your products in Spain?

At the moment unfortunately, there are no physical shops that carry my products. I’ve only recently started looking at retailers in Europe and am starting to select those that interest me most, even in Spain. Seeing as I’m on the look-out for retailers, I would like to turn the question around to you: in what shops in Spain would you like to see my products?

I would tell you Silvia that your products would fit perfectly in stores like Amantis and OhLilith, because their line is very similar to yours and they offer eco-friendly products that stimulate a positive sexuality.

What shops would you recommend to Silvia to extend Wacky Vibes and to stay a little closer?

Although we do not yet have a physical site to find them, we can buy them in your SHOP ONLINE, so you can have a look. You can follow it also in the social networks like Instagram, where it gives us much envy with its fresh products,

Yo te diría Silvia que tus productos encajarían perfectamente en tiendas como Amantis y en OhLilith, porque su línea es muy similar a la tuya y ofrecen productos eco-friendly y que estimulan una sexualidad positiva.

¿Qué tiendas le recomendaríais a Silvia para extender Wacky Vibes y que nos quede un poco más cerca?

Aunque aún no tengamos un sitio físico donde encontrarlos, sí que podemos adquirirlos en su shop online, así que podéis echarle un vistazo.

Podéis seguirla también en las redes sociales como Instagram, donde nos da mucha envidia con sus productos recién hechos.